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Shimano WH-9000-C24-TU 1100 gram Tubulars

Shimano has just announced that it will be releasing the long rumored Tubular version of the C24 wheelset. The tubular version,WH-9000-C24-TU,  wheelset weighs in at a svelte 1,100 grams. No need to rub your eyes, Yes, that is the claimed weight.

This is, for us, the most interesting of the new 11-speed compatible wheelsets announced by Shimano. Other goodies include the RS-81, basically a WH-9000-C50 wit Ultegra level hubs and a new 105 series full carbon SPD-SL pedals.

From the looks of things, the WH-9000-C24-TU will be a 21 spoke affair on the rear (vs 20 spokes in the clincher). We presume that the front will sport 16 spokes similar to the clincher version.

Even if Shimano is over-optimistic on the weight figures and end up at around 1155grams (5% error margin), these will still be light wheels by any measure.

This is something  hardcore tub climbers or weight weenies will surely look forward to.

And, yes, the graphics have grown on us enough to stop complaining about them.

Sad news in all of this is that these wheels will be released in 2014. At least that gives people time to save up.

Meanwhile, you can check out our reviews on the C50 and C24 here and here.

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