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Review: Garmin Edge Out Front Computer Mount

Late to the party but definitely still worth letting in is Garmin's Edge Out Front computer mount. Garmin finally punched out a proper handlebar mount for their ubiquitous Edge GPS bike computers. They join battle against mount pioneers Tate Labs, Quarq, K-Edge and recent competitor, SRAM.  

Garmin's mount oozes quality. The plastic material feels more substantial than that of the Barfly and it doesn't rely on the familiar 'stretch the ring' method to clamp it onto the handlebars. The Out Front actually has a hinged jaw to make mounting a breeze. The hex screws all mate to metal bolts instead of just plastic. And, as typical of Garmin,  the necessary mounting tools come with the package, this time in the form of a black Allen wrench. 

Said wrench is also used to change the orientation of the computer. From the default 12-6 o'clock orientation to a 9-3 o'clock. All it takes is removing the screws underneath, reposition the actual mount and replace the screws. As configured for oversized bars, the Out Front weighs 27 grams. If used with standard handlebars, the added rubber bushing will add an extra 4 grams to the weight. 

Installation was a no brainer. Just open the hinged jaw, clamp over the bars, then tighten. Instructions say to tighten to 0.8, but we just hand tightened until it was nice and snug. No torque wrenches required. 

We particularly love the way the Out Front positions the Edge 800 unit. The length is perfect and most importantly, the height is too. The computer more or less sits flush with the top of the stem, unlike in the Barfly 1.0 where it appears to be on top if it (Tate Labs has since released a redesigned Barfly which mounts the computer a little lower).  

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On the road, the Out Front easily holds the heaviest Garmin Edge, the 800, with secure confidence. No rattles, squeaks or anything untoward was observed. And like the included rubber band mount, the Edge effortlessly goes in and locks into place.  HOWEVER, we did find it mildly irritating that the Edge's orientation is not perfect. As tested, the computer was mounted slightly askew.  Lightly rotating it straight works but for something which is supposed to be an official product, this is a turnoff. 

That said, we still prefer the Out Front over our previous mount. The superior low and forward position of the computer seals the deal for us. 

Retail pricing for the Out Front is $40. While this would have been acceptable pricing during the middle of last year, Garmin's competitors have rethought their pricing and prices have gone down. Tate Lab's revamped Barfly 1.1 goes for $25. Sram's Quickview is even more affordable at $20. At this pricing, it's a bit hard to recommend the Out Front from the practicality standpoint. However, if you find the two position mount useful, or maybe just like the way it displays your computer, then the Edge Out Front is for you. 


Perfect computer position, Extremely easy to mount. Expensive and computer is a bit askew. 

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Review: Tate Labs Barfly for Garmin

Mention the word Garmin and you think GPS. Whether your'e talking automotive, running or cycling GPS, Garmin has a product for it. 

One thing Garmin overlooked (until very recently), however, is a bicycle mount for the excellent Edge Series. 

Sure, the supplied mount and industrial strength rubber band system does a more than adequate job at securing the computer to your bike, BUT, it gets some minus points for looks. I mean.... rubber bands???

Enter the Barfly. 

Coming Tate Labs, the Barfly takes Garmin's trick twist computer mount and integrates it with an oversize (31.8 mm) handlebar mount. 

The Barfly's 1/8th Turn mount compatible with the whole Edge series (200, 500, 800) and the 910XT and 310XT watches as well. 

The Barfly is made from an engineering grade plastic called Delrin, a Polyoxymethylene. As such, it's strong enough for its intended function and very light weight. A metal nut is embedded on the underside of the unit where the screw bolts in to secure the barfly onto the handlebar. Weight is 19 grams inclusive of screw.

As seen above, be prepared to suffer a weight penalty of 12 grams when swapping out the default Garmin mount for a Barfly. 


The Barfly slips easily enough around the bars and installation is self explanatory. Recommended torque is 'snug by hand'. No torque wrenches needed here. 


The Barfly handles the Edge 200 and 500 with ease and copes with the Edge 800's weight. The computers are displayed prominently and at a neck-friendlier angle.  

The Barfly lacks the familiar 12 o'clock 'lock' position which the default Garmin mount has. Instead, the computer is free to be positioned securely anywhere in between the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions. No issues from this at all, except that we probably had gotten used to the 12 o'clock lock of the default.

The Barfly comes in a variant for time trial bikes.... the aptly named Barfly TT. This version is designed to mount on the clip-ons instead of the handlebars proper. 

I mentioned at the start that Garmin overlooked this market and was noticeably absent from the computer mount party. Tate Labs, K-Edge, Quarq and now even SRAM have mounts for the Edge series. But this is no more. Garmin is about to release their own mount called Out Front 

The uninspiredly named Garmin Out Front features a hinged handlebar clamp and repositionable entry/ can have your computer mounted in the 12/6 o'clock or 9/3 o'clock positions. We'll definitely take a look at this once it comes out. 

Garmin accessories are akin to Apple's in that they have become unreasonably expensive for what they are. We got our Barfly for around Php 2,150. Abroad these cost USD 40, which may be a bit too much for something which isn't really a Cycling essential. 

But as they say, if you gotta have it, by all means bite the bullet and go for it!


Gives your cockpit a neater look. Newer revised version 40% cheaper. 

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