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Review: Giyo Mini Floor Pump

When going on long rides into uncharted territory (or just going out on Manila roads - just as bad), some tools are just plain essential to ensure that you keep riding on.

Any self respecting cyclist will have the following in their jersey pouches when riding public roads: 

1. Spare Inner Tubes and/or Patch Kit
2. A set of Tire Levers
3. A pump of some sort

Flat remediation tools will keep you riding at the soonest possible time after you get a puncture or pinch flat. 

And, anyone with experience with hand pumps know how hard they are to operate. Aside from the physical hardship of pumping 120 psi using a pump less than a foot long, you have to make a mental effort to keep the valve in perfect position while pumping at risk of breaking the valve stem. 

Enter a sweet discovery from Cartimar! 

The Giyo Mini Floor Pump.

This mini pump has a lot going for it. 

Light weight? CHECK;  The Giyo unit is about as heavy as most hand pumps out there. 

Pocketable?  CHECK;  Easily and snugly carried in your center jersey pocket.

Affordable?    CHECK;  At P650.00 there's really not much to complain about here.

Useability?     DOUBLE CHECK!!!

What seems to be a regular hand pump TRANSFORMS into a genuine mini floor pump. A stainless steel footstand folds out and provides users with a stable, albeit small surface to secure the pump while in operation. The handle also bends to make a small T-handle, something which I'm sure you'll thank Giyo for including when you do get that flat. 

The head pops out of the pivoted black plastic tube revealing an air hose. This affords the user the convenience of not having to hold the inner tube's air valve while pumping air. Just insert the head onto the valve then pump away. 

The head even has a small sight gauge for measuring pressure. While I'm not betting my life savings on this gauge's accuracy, giving the cyclist a ballpark tire pressure estimate will be much appreciated.

This pump product can also be used by our Mountain Biking brothers using Schrader valves courtesy of the reversible air nozzle. 

Build quality is pretty good, especially considering the price. The main tube is made of Aluminum and the rest are plastic bits. 

All in all, it's hard not to recommend this pump, considering similar pumps go anywhere upwards of twice the price.

Not included with the Giyo is actually KNOWING how to fix your flat ;-) 


Inexpensive, fully functional mini floor pump, light weight. Feels cheap.

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