Bringing back the Cycling Cap one Domestique at a time

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Walz Caps - All American Cycling Caps

Why cycling caps have decreased in popularity over the years is beyond us.

In our opinion, The Cap should be part and parcel of every decent cyclist's kit along with bib shorts and full zip retro jerseys.

If you should go out looking for one, you have tons of styles to select from a sea of manufacturers.

One cap manufacturer, however, stands out from the rest... and based on what we have seen from their catalogue so far, they offer some really classy caps!

Walz Caps was founded by Michael and Jennifer Gilstrap in 2007 with the aim of providing high quality cycling caps. We admire their dedication to this epic symbol of the sport as they are really focused on the one product (well they also offer socks and bandanas but Caps are what they're known for).

Want class? look no further than their catalogue page. Pure, devoid of logos, Walz caps come in a variety of models and styles which cater to almost every cyclist's styling whim. Between tweed, plaid, herringbone, houndstooth and just plain cotton, we were visually overloaded with the wide selection.

A sample of Walz's Cotton Caps

Cyclists have a choice of materials as well.  Cotton for all around weather cycling or Wool if things get a little bit colder than preferred. They also offer a Moisture Wicking variant made of polyester which promises to keep sweat from dripping on your eyes and forehead.

Some Moisture Wicking models

Each Walz Cycling Cap is made in the USA and is shipped from their Headquarters in Oceanside, California to any US destination free of charge! International orders are charged a nominal shipping fee.
Classy Wool for Colder Climates

The caps come in two sizes: Small/Medium which fits heads below 23.5 inches and Mediuml/Large, which fits noggins above 23.5. Funny thing is my head is exactly 23.5". I opted for the larger one. Good thing is that Walz gives an excellent guarantee that should the caps not fit, you can send them back and get a custom fitted cap in return! Prices range from USD 19 to around 35 for customized wool models.

If you're in the market looking for The Cap... or wanting something unique. Make sure you check out the class offerings by Walz Caps on their website at

We can't wait to try out of their awesome caps!

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